Rules and regulations

Clause 1




1.1 The use of the Marina requires at all times attentive and considerate behavior­. Any User shall ensure that it does not cause injury, material da ­ mage or generally avoidable disturbances to other Users or third parties.


1. 2 By entering any part of the Marina, the User accepts the foregoing Marina Rules and consents to adhere to these.



Clause 2


Scope of Regulation


2.1 The Marina encompasses the basin, the individual berths and moorings, outlying buoyed and anchorage areas, plus parks, walkways, driveways, car-parks and other areas and facilities under control of Dukley Marina pursuant to the Agreement on Usage of Maritime Good concluded with the Public Agency for Maritime Affairs.


2.2 Lessee means a person or entity leasing a berth from Dukley Marina. 2.3 User means any person entering any part of the Marina.


2.4 Marina Staff means any person directly or indirectly assigned by Dukley Marina to work in the Marina.

2.5 Marina Office means the administrative section of Dukley Marina.


Clause 3


General Terms of Use


3.1 The Marina may only be used or occupied for the purposes, for which it was constructed and in accordance with the provisions set forth in these Marina Rules.

3. 2 Any User shall adhere to the general provisions appurtenant to maritime navigation and order in ports and to other applicable provisions under Montenegrin Law.

3.3 A berth may only be used for the vessel that is being registered with the Marina Office.

3.4 Vessel repair or maintenance works must generally not be carried out inside the Marina. Exceptions require the prior consent of the Marina Office.


Clause 4


Hazard Control


4.1 The allowed speed in the port is steerage only, without causing wakes. 

4. 2 Any User shall duly comply with the requests of the Marina Staf f, in particular with the manner and position a vessel is moored. 

4. 3 The User of a berth must provide and maintain in safe working order all mooring ropes and other vessel equipment. 

4.4 Walkways cannot be used for storage and must be kept free from trip hazards. 

4.5 Swimming, sub-aqua diving, any form of water skiing or fishing is prohibited throughout the Marina.

4.6 Dukley Marina reserves the right, whenever deemed necessary for the safety of a vessel or other property, to enter, move, moor and/or carry out emergency works on the vessel. The responsible User may be required to refund Dukley Marina for its respective expenses.


Clause 5


Contamination Prevention


5.1 No User shall discharge or deposit waste, sewage, oil, fuel, spirits or similar contaminating liquids into the water or any other parts of the Marina.

5. 2 Vessels with automatic bilge pumps must be maintained in such a manner as to prevent the discharge of contaminants.

5. 3 In the event of a spill, the responsible User is obliged to immediately notify the Marina Staff.

5.4 Flammable, oily and other hazardous materials must not be disposed of in the regular waste bins.

5.5 Save for further sanctions pursuant to these Marina Rules, Users causing a contamination will be made responsible for the purification costs.


Clause 6


Petrol Fueling


6.1 For refueling at the Marina, Users shall exclusively use the filling station situated at pier ‘E1’.

6. 2 Prior to fueling, all engines, auxiliary motors, including electrical motors, must be switched off. All possible heat sources, sparks and naked flames and any hazardous material must be removed. 

6.3 Smoking is prohibited at the filling station.

6.4 While fueling the responsible User shall prevent petrol spills. Spills must be wiped off immediately.

6.5 Fire extinguishers must be kept at hand at any time.


Clause 7




7.1 Any Lessee is obliged to keep its vessel in good order and visual condition.

7. 2 Users shall generally avoid unnecessary nuisance. Between 22.00h and 08.00h no generators shall be operated and all Users must keep a low volume.

7.3 Cycling, skate boarding or similar activities are prohibited on jetties and other walkways. 

7.4 Barbecuing and other forms of outdoor cooking is forbidden throughout the Marina. 

7.5 No clothing or household articles shall be hung over the railings.


Clause 8




8.1 Solely domesticated pets that do not constitute a potential danger to other Users may be brought to and kept at the Marina. 

8. 2 Pets must be kept species-appropriate and have to be properly controlled and looked after in order not to disturb other Users. 

8. 3 Outside vessels, dogs must be kept on a leash. Droppings must immediately be picked up and disposed of by the person in control of the dog.


Clause 9




9.1 Any User involved in an incident, which has caused or may result into injury or material damage, is obliged to immediately report such incident to the Marina Office. 

9.2 Any User bearing responsibility for a berthed vessel shall duly secure this vessel and its equipment and interior from theft, fire and similar hazards. Dukley Marina may perform safety inspections from time to time.

9. 3 For any berthed vessel – even if a berth lease agreement is not yet or no longer in effect – the responsible User is required to hold the appropriate third party liability insurance and to produce evidence of the insurance to the Marina Staff upon request at any time. A vessel, for which the required insurance is not proven accordingly, may be towed away at the cost of the User.

9.4 Minors shall be duly attended by a responsible adult. Parents will be kept liable for their minor children.

9.5 Any User handles harbor buoys, moorings, pontoons and other facilities of the Marina at its sole risk. 

9.5 The liability of Dukley Marina and any member of the Marina Staff for injuries or death of persons or damage to property or otherwise, is limited to events of gross negligence or willful misconduct.


Clause 10


Commercial Activities


10.1 The Marina shall generally be used for commercial purposes only upon prior written consent of the Marina Office.

10.2 Unless the Marina Office has granted its prior written consent, it is forbidden for private service providers to conduct vessel maintenance or repair works, or to offer and conduct cleaning, laundry, catering or any other type of third party services.

10. 3 No sign or commercial advertisements shall be displayed or affixed anywhere in the Marina, unless permitted in advance by the Marina Office.

10.4 Any User intending to operate from the Marina one or more vessels for any type of commercial venture must obtain a prior written permission from the Marina Office. The granting of the required permission is at the sole discretion of the Marina Office and may be made dependent on particular rules and conditions and a respective surcharge.


Clause 11




11.1 Any User committing a material breach, or repeatedly obstructs these Marina Rules may be prohibited by the Marina Office to enter the Marina.

11. 2 Lessees responsible for the obstruction of these Marina Rules may be imposed pecuniary fines, or may suffer the termination of the Berth Lease Agreement and the removal of the vessel and the mooring equipment at the expense of the Lessee. 

11. 3 Any sanction shall be without prejudice to any other right or remedy Dukley Marina may have in respect of any breach of the terms of these Marina Rules or of the laws of Montenegro.


Clause 12


Miscellaneous Provisions


12.1 Dukley Marina may alter these Marina Rules at any time. 

12. 2 These Marina Rules supersede any earlier publication generally regulating the use of the Marina.




Issued by Dukley Marina Budva d.o.o. on 18 July 2014 for immediate effect.