Meet Dukley

We invite and welcome you to Dukley - the New Mediterranean woven into the heritage, untouched nature, hospitality and beauty of Montenegro.

We have taken the best of the land we are lucky to call our home, adding the world's finest hospitality standards and practice.

In Montenegro’s rich cultural heritage we have found the inspiration for our name – Dukley. DOCLEA (locally called Duklja) was the Latin name of the most important urban center from the Roman period in the territory of modern Montenegro, as well as the oldest state form of present-day Montenegro. By incorporating an important part of Montenegrin and European history we have entwined our company credo and brand with the everlasting values of this area.


In Montenegro’s most attractive tourist destination - Budva, we have found unforeseen natural beauty and a perfect place for the ultimate luxury residences, resort and marina. In the stunning gardens of the Zavala peninsula we have created an urban oasis of sweet fragrances and every modern amenity you can think of through the Dukley Gardens complex and Dukley Hotels & Resort. On the the opposite side of the Budva bay, beneath the ramparts of the Old town Budva, we have created a true nautical haven, offering the best of the world of luxury.

By fusing the innate Montenegrin hospitality and Mediterranean charm with a highly skilled team of professionals, we have created a welcoming environment and a reputation of a place where you can enjoy, whether as a guest or our employee.


Simply put - we have gone above and beyond to provide the highest level of quality, luxury and exclusivity and set these values as the Dukley standard.